My Story: The Accident Made Me Realise That There Are Very Few People Who Actually Love You

“There are some people in the world who fight an unseen battle within themselves 24/7 with a big smile on their faces, they never cry, they never creep. I call such people warriors, because these people know the art of living life. And they are way better than the people who simply exist in the world.

3 year back I met with an accident, as a result of that I got spinal injury, and that injury completely changed my life and personality. I went for several treatments and got admitted to several hospitals, and I realized that half of my body was paralyzed. I was kicked out from everywhere from every hospital (we can’t do anything, it’s irreversible) I was like why????? Why can’t they??? And after that I underwent many treatments, physiotherapy. But the result was nil, those days were dreadful, I was in severe pain both psychologically and physically. Many people left, even the close ones, who were supposed to stay with me when I needed them the most. Life was pointless, aimless, and colourless. I was tired of sitting completely idle. But then I realized that instead of crying for people who were not meant to be with me and for the legs which I had lost, I had people around me who wanted to see me alive. I had so much to be grateful for. So I decided to stop crying, stop weeping because it was pointless. That was the best decision that I took in my entire life, that’s how I added colours to my life, that’s how it helped me in exploring an artist in me, that’s how it kept me alive through this whole journey.

I stayed in my room on the bed for months, but the day I sat on my wheelchair for the first time, I was a completely different person. I still remember that I looked at myself in the mirror and I said that you could not wait for the miracle to come and make you walk, you could not wait and sit in the corner of the room, crying and begging for mercy because people didn’t have time. So the only thing I could do was to accept myself the way I was and do something to improve it. Sooner the better that’s what I did. I really wanted to make myself strong and started working hard for it. Being on wheelchair you can still face world with a big smile, and you can tell the world that you are happy the way you are. No one has the right to objectify you as an emblem of misery or mercy. I am a human being, I breathe, I have a soul, I am alive, I feel, I don’t need anyone’s sympathy and no one has right to do this to your abilities. I am capable enough to breathe and to live each and every moment of life.

That disability was not my weakness; it was my strength because the kind of attention that I got when I go anywhere was priceless. It helped me, it has given me an opportunity to explore what I had in me and I never knew it. I really feel sorry for some peoples who play this blame game, they say, they cannot perform well, they cannot excel because the society, economy, world is not letting them grow as a person. They say they are caged. I feel sorry. I can say undoubtedly that I was caged because when I used to get up in the morning, I was unable to shift from the bed to the wheelchair. I need an assistance 24/7 for the little things in life. Let us make it simpler, when I was thirsty at midnight and I didn’t find my water bottle nearby, and didn’t see anyone around me to help, so I stayed thirsty for the whole night because I was unable to get a glass of water for myself. I can undoubtedly say that I was caged by my body, but my mind was free and so was my soul and so was my spirit. I could still dream big, I could still think big, I could still aim high, I can still inspire to live life fully. Nothing should stop me. The disability should not be the reason or an excuse for not doing anything in life.

And then I started working hard, dreaming big… and then I made the miracle happen, I was improving, within months I started recovering, now I can move my toes, I can walk, and that was the big dream of mine which was going to be true.. And that’s how I made myself.

So I just want to say that be grateful for what you have and trust me you will always end up having more. And if you will cry, and you will crave for the little things in life, you will never ever have enough, if you want to excel, if you want to grow, if you want to be powerful, and if you want to be strong then learn the art of converting adversities into opportunity. And learn one thing “STARS CAN’T SHINE WITHOUT DARKNESS” the moment you are going to learn it sky is the limit. So be grateful, be happy, be alive, and don’t let anyone belittle your abilities.”

Submitted By – Raj Sharma

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