My Story: I Was Afraid Of Pulling Them With My Hands But I Did Not Want To Give Up On Them

“I would like to share this event that occurred yesterday with me. So I live on the 5th floor of a high rise building. It was Sunday and usually, me and my wife go out to enjoy our Sunday together. It was almost sunset and we were getting ready to leave for our outing. Since, its more quiet at our place during the evening, I heard a dog crying for help (Well you can differentiate crying and barking with the tone that they use). So I looked from my window thinking that some dog might be injured and waiting for help. As I look from the window, I noticed a dog who fell in a rectangular manhole that was left open by our so great maintenance people. It was filled with water because of the rains and the dog just could not get out.

Hence, I headed downward to help the dog. As I approached the dog, it turned out there were two small puppies instead of one that fell into the manhole. I tried to pull them by throwing a rope and a jute bag so that they can grab with their teeth but it failed. I was afraid of pulling them with my hands as there might be the snake in the water waiting to bite me. Yeah, I was afraid. But I did not want to give up on them, therefore, I called up the security guys of our locality and they gave me a number to call up of the department that takes care of dogs. Called them up but sadly they were busy on other call and later on the mobile was switched off. I called up the security guy again and explained them the situation again. This time, they agreed to come themselves. They arrived in 10 mins although I was still worried about one of the puppies as it had drunk too much of water and could have drowned in sometime. So me and the security guy rushed to the spot. One of the security guys pulled up both of the puppy in 5 mins. As it was windy because of the rain, both of the puppy were shivering. I quickly went to my room and grabbed two t-shirts in order to cover them as they could not walk. We took them in a safe place, covered their body and covered up the manhole with the plank that we could find so that they do not fall again.

The hero of this story is not me but the security guys who came in to help rather than sending me to the concerned department. What makes me wonder is I live on 5th floor, if I can hear the cries of these puppy then surely the people below me too can. No one even came down to help, ignoring these poor souls. They had much better view than me to make out if someone needed help. But nope, they chose to ignore them. I know this is a long story but actually its not a story, its an experience that I had and want to just give a small message through it – “Everyone has right to live in this world, therefore, help anyone when in need. Maybe you won’t get medals or rewards but you would at least keep the humanity alive. Please help the needy as much as you can.” I am sharing this post not for like or comments but for the small message that it has. I want to thank the security guys for their effort and yes I checked on the dogs the next morning and they were perfectly fit and enjoying their time together. Have attached the picture of the puppies when they were pulled out of a manhole.”

Submitted By – Vinay Yadav

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