Government Study Finds Toxins In PET Bottles Of 5 Soft Drink Brands

Government Study Finds Toxins In PET Bottles Of 5 Soft Drink Brands

In a study conducted by All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health (AIIH&PH), Kolkata, it was found out that there are five different toxins: Heavy metals Antimony, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, Compound DEHP or Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in the two multinational companies cold drinks Pepsico and Coca-Cola. The institute which conducted this study comes under the Health Ministry and under the DTAB (Drug Testing Advisory Board) instructions they found out that the toxins were presented into five cold drinks samples- Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite and 7up. Mountain Dew and 7Up  are owned by Pepsico, while Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola. The results were submitted by the AIIH&PH to Jagdish Prasad, Director of General of Health Services and chairman of DTAB.


The AIIH&PH picked up samples of four bottles of each cold drink brands and gave it to Kolkata-based National Test House (NTH) to perform a test. The NTH comes under the under the Ministry of Consumer Affair. The elements presented in the Pepsi were 0.029milligrams per litre of antimony, 0.011mg/L of lead, 0.002 mg/L of cadmium, 0.017mg/L of chromium, 0.028mg/L of DEHP while the elements presented in Coca-Cola were 0.006 mg/L of  antimony, 0.009 mg/L of lead, 0.011 mg/L of cadmium, 0.026 mg/L of chromium and 0.026 mg/L of DEHP.

Lead and Cadmium is considered the two of the top ten chemicals of “Major public health concern” as considered by The World Health Organisation (WHO). Lead have serious consequences for the health of children. Lead also attacks the brain and central nervous system that paralyses the body and the person ends up being in a coma and even death while Cadmium effects Kidney, skeletal system and the respiratory system and is a human carcinogen.

Coca-Cola has denied to respond on such reports while Pepsico has cleared that there has been no intimation and nor they have received any reports and they have assured that the heavy metals are mixed in the products in a permissible limit. It is also said that there is no clear proof of PET bottles containing heavy metals inside them. Though DTAB agreed with the results of AIIH&PH and urged the Health Ministry to issue draft to ban PET bottle packaging of medicines.

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