My Story: The School Management Decided To Throw Me Out, My Life Changed After That Moment

“When I was in School I was considered as most notorious & mischievous boy and also was bit poor in studies. So finally the School management decided to throw me out of the school after 9th std so that I don’t spoil their 100% board results. Later I got admitted to a Govt. School for my 10th std and the same day I took this as a Challenge to prove myself. Passed my 10th std with first class marks and secured 1st rank in my Class in 12th std board exam and passed out my graduation with flying colors. In the course of my Graduation days got into many extra curricular activities and there were galore of Awards & Felicitations for achievements in various fields and the best part was I went on to become a Working President of Students Council which I never dreamt of. Later I came in limelight when I won Gold medal for India at Asian Karate Championship 2011 held at Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a huge honor to represent my Country which I can cherish forever. My life changed after that special moment and I started getting lot of recognition from getting calls to appear as a guest to even inaugurate a brand new Hotel.

After having a bit of success, the same School where I was left out, called me back honored me with the post of General Secretary when they formed Old Students Association. That was really a special moment for me. I thank all those who said I can’t make it and because of them I did it. And I believe there are reasons for even the negative things which happen in your life because they help you make you strong and eventually lead you to positive side. When I look back I have that broad smile on my face and I believe looking back should be only to see how far you have come.

It feels really great to be known for good reason now and overwhelming to receive lot of texts appreciating my efforts & my talents. I strongly believe this is just the beginning and I have long way to go and loads to achieve. I sincerely thank Almighty, my family, Alma mater, my Karate Coach, my best friends and all those who are responsible for my little success what I had.

There was a time when I felt worthless and today schools and colleges call me to motivate their students. There was also a time when I had thought of ending my life was only a solution for the kind of situation I was in but I am glad that I fought back and today I am there to witness that life is beautiful. This was possible only because I never gave up.

My Message: Never loose hopes in life. Today you are nothing but some day you can be something. Remember there is no shortcut for eternal success. Instead of just dreaming about your dreams, keep working on them and success will be yours. Thank You.”

Submitted By – Saleem Javed

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