[Watch/Read] This 72-Year-Old Man Is Playing Music To Fund His Wife’s Cancer Treatment

We all face hardships in our lives. Sometimes we find solutions; sometimes we don’t. Whatever be the case, one thing that must not stop is the instinct to look for answers. There is one such story where the strings of the violin and a man’s willpower are trying to save a life.

Swapan Seth, 72, is a Kolkata-based violinist has been traveling across the country for the past ten years to gather enough money for his wife’s cancer treatment. His wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2002. She is currently undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. The couple visits the city frequently for checkups.

Swapan plays his violin at hotels, restaurants and public places to collect money. He sells his music CD and his paintings too for extra money. He travels regularly and raises around Rs 7000 per trip. Recently in Mumbai, he gathered around Rs 40k and was delighted to see the positive response from people. The popular tabloid, Mid-Day featured his story which helped in spreading the word about his work.

When asked about the music he says that raising money is important, but he also aims to popularize music among youngsters.

He plays in the evenings from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  People love his music so much that they contact him for his CDs and also order his artwork. This journey has not only helped him reach out to people through music, but all the traveling has also helped him meet individuals who want to showcase his talent in future.

Shantanu, a tourist from Delhi, said the violin recital by Swapan Sett was soothing after a long drive from Delhi to Dehradun. “I had no idea of his motive; otherwise I would have bought more CDs for my friends,” he said

Jayesh Mistry, a city-dweller, met him in Sukh Sagar Restaurant in Chowpatty yesterday. “I am a music lover and earnestly wanted to buy his CD after I read his story in Mid-Day. I was planning to meet him on Sunday itself but due to transportation issues, I couldn’t, as I stay at Kandivli. The next time he comes to Mumbai I will try my best to do something to arrange his performance,” he said.

A strong will can do wonders, and this story of Swapan Seth is an example of sheer determination, proving that age is just a number.

The Logical Indian wishes Swapan all the best in his travels and wish his wife a speedy recovery. We also request our community members to please spread the word about his music. If you are in Mumbai, please do watch his live performance.


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