Delhi Taxi Driver With Loans Of Rs 70,000 Returns Valuables Worth Rs 8 Lakh Left In His Taxi

A 24-year old taxi driver walked into the Domestic Airport police station in Delhi on Wednesday and surrendered a backpack on the reception table which contained gold jewellery, a laptop, an iPhone, a camera, and 70 US dollars – all valued over Rs 8 lakhs.

Debendra Kapri drives a prepaid taxi in the capital city and came to the police station to return the bag that belonged to a passenger who had forgotten it in his cab. With no knowledge about the passenger, he approached the police for help.

Sanjay Bhatia, deputy commissioner of police (IGI), said that the duty officer alerted the station house officer (SHO) who in turn informed him about the matter. “The bag was thoroughly checked. In addition to the US currency notes and costly electronic items, the bag also contained important documents,” said Bhatia as reported by Hindustan Times.

Kapri claimed that after dropping off the passenger outside a hotel in Paharganj, he returned to Connaught Place. While cleaning his Maruti esteem, he saw the bag lying on the rear seat.

As he did know the passenger’s identity or his residence, he was confused as to how to return the bag to its rightful owner. He opened it to find out any information that could be of help, instead found jewellery and cash.

When he handed over the bag to the police, a wedding card was found which had a mobile number on it. A call was made on the number, and a man from Srinagar answered. On questioning him if he knows anyone travelling to Delhi, he informed of his brother who had landed in the city in the evening to seek a Visa for himself from the US embassy.

The man, Mubisher Wani, was informed about the bag and asked to come down to the police station.

As the police made a list of the items in the bag, Kapri stood by and ensured that no item was lost. He even requested for a copy of the list as a proof that he had safely handed it to the police.

When Wani arrived at the police station, Kapri identified him as the same passenger who had left the bag. After police confirmation, he was returned his property. The DCP has recommended a suitable cash reward for Kapri’s honesty.

Kapri has a loan of Rs 70,000 to a private financier in his home town Banka, Bihar. During 2008-09, his father, a farmer, had taken a loan of Rs 1 lakh at an interest of 5% per month to get two of his daughters married. With no permanent source of income, he was unable to repay the loan in time and with added compound interest it increased to Rs 2 lakh within 2 years. The family sold a small piece of land, but still could not repay the loan. The initial warnings to return the money had turned into death threats.

Despite being in dire need to immediate cash, Kapri had the courage to do what was right.

The Logical Indian commends his selfless efforts. Often people forget their personal belongings in cabs, but rarely do they get it back. Kapri’s actions have instilled a sense hope in us – a belief that goodness exists in the world.

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