New Delhi: Boy Cleans Up Compartment In Metro, Serves As An Example For Many

In today’s world, when no one thinks twice before littering one’s surroundings, Pranjal Dubey, a young school-goer, did something that should set an example in front of all of us. Pranjal Dubey was just another daily commuter who was travelling by the Delhi Metro. But, what made him different from the others, was his sense of responsibility.

Pranjal was carrying food in his bag that mistakenly fell on the floor of the metro compartment. It was expected that the food would remain on the floor for the entire day. But what followed next would come as a shocker to many.

Pranjal put the tiffin box inside and then he tore off a sheet of paper from his notebook and used that to clean up the entire mess inside the compartment.

This was a welcome gesture from the side of a young boy. Pranjal had rightfully realised that instead of complaining about the conditions of public transport, it is important for all of us to share the responsibility to keep it clean and in a usable condition.

The New Delhi Metro was witness to something which should be a part of our daily value systems but has completely eroded from our habits now- hence the dire need to applaud the actions of this youngster arises.

The Logical Indian applauds Pranjal for showcasing his sense of responsibility and civic sense in the best possible way- we sincerely need much more Pranjals for the count.

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This is how we should treat our public transport. It is all about mindset & sense of responsible citizensआज दिल्ली मेट…

Posted by Gaurav Pradhan on Saturday, July 8, 2017

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