He Saw A Dying Man On The Railway Tracks And Stopped All The Trains And Fought With Police And Hospital To Save Him

On Feb 10 at 10:30 pm while I was returning home from Charni Road railway station I saw a man’s body on the tracks near platform no.2. Half of his body was on the tracks. If a train possessed through the track the body could cut into pieces. Many were walking past the body but everyone just ignored it. I was shocked. When I went near the body and turned it over, I noticed blood all over the head, nose and hands. I thought he was dead, but when I checked his breath, he was still breathing mildly. The next second I decided that at any cost I will do my best to save his life.

I have deeply hurt that no one was ready to come and help me in lifting the body from the tracks. I finally stood in front of the train and said that I wouldn’t let the train pass from here unless or until this person was not lifted from the tracks. I shouted at the passengers “Please come and help”. Few commuters came and helped. The swift way to shift the victim to the nearby hospital was by crossing the tracks.

I asked few people to stand on the tracks and stop all the trains on the platforms. All this while no RPF nor any railway officials were there to check.  It took us 15 minutes to shift him to Saifee hospital. As this was an emergency the hospital admitted him and gave him basic treatment and the hospital authorities informed about this to the nearest police station. The doctor said, “The patient is out of danger. If you were late even for 5 minutes we would have said sorry”. When I asked the doctor to give full treatment she said: ” Who will pay for the treatment ? “. I tried reasoning with her citing Supreme Court’s Good Samaritan Guidelines which stated that an accident patient should be treated irrespective of payment. The police came to the hospital after 45 minutes. Instead of inquiring about the patient, the police started questioning me.

  • Tum kyu gaya uske pass( Why did you go near him?),
  • police ka wait kyu nahi kiya (Why didn’t you waited for the police to arrive?),
  • RPF wale aane wale the (RPF would have come?),
  • body ko kyu touch kiya (Why did you touched the body), Kyun laya yahan pe (Why did you bring him to this hospital?),
  • Ab tumko hamera sath chalna padega  (Now, you have to come with us to the station?) and all nonsense questions.

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Posted by Shravan Tewari on Sunday, February 11, 2018

I tried reasoning with the police but in vain. A big nuisance happened inside the hospital. The police who was arguing with me called his senior official. I thought the senior official would talk some sense. But, he started speaking some irrelevant things when I cited supreme court guidelines.  Almost 100 people gathered there and they were angry about the police’s behaviour. Finally, police apologized when they realized their mistake. I came out after meeting the patient’s relatives. My eyes were full of tears.

A lady from Punjab called me and said: “When my 10-year son met with an accident, he was lying on the road for more than an hour. No one helped. Kindly come out and tell the whole world that one should not fear the police”. This was the main reason I started giving interviews to TV channels. My intention was to spread the message “Do not fear the police, please help the accident victims”.

Two days ago I got a call from a senior police inspector from Churchgate police station. The officer appreciated me and apologised for the behaviour of the other police officers. I requested him to take action against the concerned officers so that they will realise their mistake. There was no response from the state government or from concerned officials.

We are going to Church Gate police station tomorrow to file an FIR against the police officers who did not show justice to their duty.

I request everyone to help accident victims without any fear.

– Shravan Tewari


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