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Pre-Act, Don’t react, To See A Better Tomorrow For Our Children

Childhood is the most impressionable period of one’s life. Schools, society, and family are the three influential entities that help in moulding and shaping the mind of a child. So, for them to be compassionate, smart, independent and successful in life, the right ideals and ideologies need to be incorporated...


Poorly Designed Check Dams Leave Birbhum Farmers High And Dry

As against government’s promise to make water available through the seasons, inadequate check dams have not brought any relief to farmers in this semi-arid region who continue to struggle for sustenance The Abadnagar check dam has not fulfilled the purpose of irrigating farms. (Photo by Gautam Sarkar) A major part...


Kerala: Salem Marriages Bane Of Malabar Girls Due To Dowry Problem

Caught in an unenviable situation where dowry demands are unreasonably high due to increased inflow of money from gulf jobs, girls in rural Malabar are virtually compelled into unequal marriages, often with disturbing consequences Malabar Muslim marriages are known for their grandeur, irrespective of the families’ financial status. Elaborate pre-nuptial...