18 Transgenders Are Breaking Stereotypes And Myths Related To Trans

18 Transgender People Breaking Stereotypes:

Transgender community is one of the most misrepresented community in our country. Most transgender people are usually stereotyped to be sex workers or a beggars or worse sometimes even criminals. Being openly transgender is a very brave thing to do in our society, because it’s not easy. Hence most transgender people live in what they call it as “Stealth Mode” post their gender transition. This is usually accomplished by moving to a different city and by cutting off all their contacts with their old extended family and friends. Some stay in contact with their immediate family like parents and sibling, other choose to cut off completely. This is again a difficult thing to do and leaves the person very lonely and hollow inside. The social stigma associated and need to form new social contacts in a new city, pushes the person further into the stealth mode. Hence most trans people choose to keep Their transgender status private and live in society in their preferred gender role, just like any other girl or a boy.







The stealth Mode eases a lot of difficulties with being transgender. And is often suitable in current indian society, after all everyone holds a basic human right for medical confidentiality and privacy. Due to the stigma attached with being different most trans people in the past have opted to live in the stealth mode, to be able to truly live a life they wished for. But also a flip side to it is, this reduces Visibility. The hijra community is one of the cultural communities under the Indian transgender umbrella. Due to their open expression Hijra community becomes the most visible form of Transgender Identity in India. And a lot of stereotyping begins there. In India, due to lack of awareness people often call anyone who is a little effeminate as hijra. Even gay people often have been called Hijra in our country. Most of the times it is done with a negative intention. Its not wrong to be Hijra , It’s just very very wrong to stereotype all transgender people as Hijra and entitle them with cultural identities he or she does not identify with.






“Just Because I am Indian, I need not be Hindu or be fluent in Hindi. Similarly, just because I am a transgender person I need not be forced to identify with any cultural or religious identities. “Says Kavitha (Name changed for privacy reasons), A post-op Transsexual women. Kavitha has been living away from her family and working in a small company to collect money for a Sex Re-assignment surgery.






“It is very important to make people aware that Hijra is not a literal Hindi translation of the word transgender, the word Hijra remains Hijra even if it has to be spoken in English, It is name of a cultural Identity and doesn’t change with language, like other indian cultural names don’t change when spoken in English, ex: A Agarwal is Agarwal in English too. Hijra is a Noun whereas Transgender is an Adjective that describes something about the person.” Says Jeevika (Name changed for privacy reasons) a pre-op transgender women from Delhi, she too is working in a call center trying hard to pool in money for her big surgery and the life ahead.



“I am transitioning to live my life as a women, not to be a transgender person. I cannot deny the fact that transgender will be one of the adjectives that may be used to define my identity and me, but it cannot be my THE IDENTITY.” Says Elizabeth (Name changed for privacy reasons).



We respect the Hijra community and their culture, but being transgender is not just being a Hijra person. We as a society have to learn that there is much more to this. Transgender is umbrella term used for people who belong to various gender Identities Like trans men, trans women, transsexuals, Genderqueer, Hijra, Gender Fluid etc.


Here are a few Trans people (men, women and genderqueer) speaking to you from their stealth mode, to break the stereotypes associated with gender and life as a whole. This is the First time ever the invisible transgender people are speaking in India, please spare a minute to give them a thought.

This is the First time ever the invisible transgender people are speaking in India, please spare a minute to give them a thought.

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